A Guide to 5 Secrets of Better Sleep for Your Airbnb Guests

When travelers stay in a hotel or Airbnb, they expect a better night's sleep than they get at home.

An essential element to your guest's satisfaction is their level of sleep. When travelers stay in a hotel or Airbnb, they expect a better night's sleep than they get at home. It's no secret that a well-rested guest is a happy guest.

According to a survey of people who booked a stay for leisure during the past 12 months (2017), 78% responded that the beds' comfort was very important when choosing accommodations. An additional 20% said comfortable beds are somewhat important. That's 98% of guests who value the quality of the bed!

A great night's sleep involves more than a comfy mattress and a dark room. Have you ever slept on Westin's Heavenly Bed? If so, you understand that Westin turned a simple hotel bed into a sleep experience resulting in the brand's impressive customer satisfaction and loyalty scores.

So what makes for a sleep experience as opposed to just another night's rest? Here are five secrets to creating a better night's sleep for your Airbnb guests.

the mattress

The crazy thing about when it comes to your guests and sleep is that the mattress type doesn't matter much. World-class hotel brands conduct research continuously to find the best mattress for their guests. They have found that guest preferences range widely from pillow top to memory foam to spring mattresses.

While it's impossible to please all the people all the time, hotels determined a medium-firm mattress as the one with the broadest appeal. The least favorable options are beds with a soft, sinking feel. Spring mattresses are the most durable when used regularly by people with differing sleep positions.

The one sure way to provide the best comfort for your guests is to replace the mattress every 3-5 years based on your occupancy. Like most things in the hospitality business, newer is better.

the pillows

A choice in pillows is a great way to help your guests get their beauty sleep. This area is another where preferences vary widely, but providing pillow options is simple as opposed to a mattress. 

Choose to keep the pillows that appear the firmest and fullest on the bed. These pillows create a better presentation but not always the most comfort. Down-filled pillows are often lumpy and give the look of a sloppily made bed.

If you provide pillow options, be sure to leave a printed note on the bed or nightstand so guests know they can change to the type they prefer.

the bedding

Remember that you never get a second chance to make a good first impression. Your guest's first impression about the bed is the look and feel. Get these two elements right, and restful sleep is almost sure to follow.

white on white

If you want to make the best impression, white bedding is the answer. When Westin did their research, they found that guests believed their rooms to be more luxurious, and many believed a recent renovation occurred.

The most fundamental reason for white is that guests equate the color with cleanliness. With white bedding, stains are easy to identify. Anyone trying to hide their level of Airbnb cleaning would not use white linens. White says, "clean," and clean says, "comfortable."

White also comes with the bonus that your guests can't cover up stains either. They will subconsciously feel the need to care for your "high-end" linens.

the feel of luxury

Once they see your white bedding with its inviting fluffiness, the reaction will be to test the feel. The duvet or comforter, also white, should feel cozy with just the right weight. One of the most overlooked aspects of bedding is heaviness. We sleep better when we have a sense of being held.

Linens should have a high thread count cotton with a buttery soft touch while appearing crisp and clean. Guests want their bedding to be professionally laundered and can tell when it's not. Using a linen supply company provides a fresh look that's tough to replicate by repeatedly washing the same linens in residential machines.

a properly made bed

The look and feel of luxury come down to the details. You can have the most expensive mattress and highest thread count sheets, but those frills get lost if the bed is not made properly. 

For appearance and ease of care purposes, the best method for making the bed is the triple sheet method. The finest hotels in the world triple sheet their beds, and you can do it too. Check out this infographic to learn how to make your beds like a pro. 

the environment

The sleeping environment is the final step to better sleep for your guests. The ideal sleeping situation varies by individual, but generally, a cool, quiet, and dark room is the secret to a restful slumber.

While controlling the noise level may be difficult based on your location, blackout curtains keep the light from interfering. If possible, remote temperature controls near the bedside make for a fantastic perk, but a ceiling fan works as well.

One last simple but effective touch to impress your weary guests is a complimentary sleep package. An eye mask, earplugs, and a light lavender spray is an inexpensive luxury a guest can appreciate.

help is available

We know what you're thinking: "some of these secrets are expensive!" Sure, buying new mattresses, pillows, and linens right now might not be in the budget, but you may not realize how a commercial laundry service is actually cost-effective.

Think about the difference hotel-quality linens can make to your bottom line. Not only will your guests rave about your luxury accommodations in Airbnb reviews, but they'll be well-rested and have a more enjoyable experience.

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