completely eliminate laundry from your airbnb hosting life

what our hosts say

"I was lucky to start with washbnb from the very start of my Airbnb hosting business! We have never had to worry about stained sheets, or getting everything through the wash in time to reset the apartments. It has been a wonderful experience, making my life as a host much easier."

Julie O’Hara
Airbnb host and Interior Decorator @
Dakota Gal Design
3 Airbnb listings in Milwaukee, WI

what we offer

luxury hotel-quality bedsheets & bath towels

Your guests deserve the best so quality is first and foremost at washbnb. We obsess over finding the perfect linens, ensuring they meet our lofty standards for softness, durability, and that special wow factor that comes with slipping into a perfectly clean and well-made bed.
  • 100% sateen cotton sheets & Turkish cotton towels
  • All white bed & bath linens with nothing to hide
  • Comprehensive options for every room in your rental

weekly delivery of clean, pressed, & folded linens

A washbnb subscription starts with fresh luxury linens for every room in your rental property. Once your guests have departed, simply toss the used linens into our bags and replace them with fresh sets. Every week we’ll ensure you have enough fresh linens on-hand for each reservation.
  • Constant supply of fresh, guest-ready linens
  • Quality control, inventory management, and data analytics
  • Save a minimum of 3 hours on each reservation

a clean you, and your guests, can trust

Born amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, our service and laundering process are designed to keep you, your guests, and our employees safe. Your overworked laundry machines were never built to wash, dry, and fold large items like fitted sheets but ours were. They’re built and calibrated to perfectly clean, press, and fold hospitality linens ensuring that they not only look great, but they’re sanitized between every stay.
  • Professionally Laundered Linens for Every Guest, Every Time
  • COVID-19 Eliminating Process
  • 99.999% effective against all pathogens

powered by sustainability

washbnb is designed with social and environmental values and sustainability at its core, without sacrifices. We leverage technology to reduce energy, water, and chemical use, wash in large batches, and don’t use any synthetic or microfibers that leech plastic into the environment. Sleep easy knowing that washbnb is better for the planet and its inhabitants than all alternatives.

how it works

Become a member and start receiving your fresh set of linens to make your beds with.
Give guests a luxurious bed & bath experience, with in-unit signage to ensure peace of mind.
Pick up & professional launder services – toss used linens into one of our provided bags to be picked up.
Fresh linens delivered regularly so you always have enough on hand to restock and remake.
The first reservation is on us. Make an appointment to visit one of our locations for onboarding and to pick up your linens.

why washbnb

washbnb is the only linen and laundry solution built exclusively for hosts, by hosts. Born from our experience and frustrations, we found that the best way to handle the problem is to completely eliminate it from you and your team's responsibilities. washbnb is linen rental, logistics, and laundry wrapped into one simple service that adds to your business instead of extracting from it. Your guests get the benefits of all-white luxury linens with nothing to hide, improving trust in your listing and their overall experience. You never have to do laundry or buy/replace linens ever again.

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